URGENT News: Cancellation of 2020 IBSS
Under the serious impact of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), to reduce the risks of our participants, our conference committee has decided to cancel the conference this year. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you soon.

2020 IBSS
International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences

Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy

On August 19th to 21th, International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (IBSS) hosts its annual sustainability forum. The event convened thought leaders and practitioners from business, government, academia, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholder groups to explore opportunities and best practices for unlocking the value of the circular economy, and accelerating scalable solutions across global supply chains.
The circular economy, marked by creative innovations and a systems-level approach, can be used to tackle many of the world's most complex environmental and social challenges.
2020 International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, bringing professionals from public and private sectors, academia and consultancy together, takes great pleasure in welcoming you to Tokyo, Japan under the theme " Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular," to discuss issues relevant to the practical application of circular economy worldwide and sustainable financial needs.

Apply For Group Discount

IBSS offers discounts for group registration: three authors (three included) may apply for a discount. Please email us at ibss@ibss-conf.org to apply for it after completing the registration.
2020 IBSS, under the theme “Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy,” welcomes you to download and forward to those interested parties. Please click HERE to download the Conference Flyer. Thank you in advance for the forwarding.


  • Social Sciences Sessions
    Business & Management
    E-Commerce and Online Marketing
    Finance & Economics
    Management Accounting
    Law & Politics
    Climate Change Law
    Education & Special Education
    Rehabilitation Counseling
    Psychology & Philosophy
    Environmental Psychology
    Literature & Linguistics
    Humanities & Culture
  • Special Session
    Circular Economy Innovations
    Sustainable Packaging Best Practices
    Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
    Circular Business Model Design
    Reducing Construction Wastes
    Zero E-Waste with the World’s First Waste Micro factory
    Recycling One Billion Takeaway Coffee Cups
    Turning Organic Waste into Energy
    Circular Economy Tech Disruptors
    Eliminating Food Waste Globally
    Green Supply Chain

Sustainability Development, Smart City & Green Life 2020

4 Key Takeaways from Attending the Conference

I. Learn from the best practices and exemplar case studies of companies and organizations that havesuccessfully implemented circular economy innovations.
II.Redesign your corporation and products to repurpose waste through innovative product design, resource utilization, and waste transformations into renewed products.
III. Enjoy unrivalled networking opportunities to share best practices, form profitable partnerships, and meet newcustomers and peers in the new circular economy.
IV. Meet pioneers in the Circular Economy and Benefitfrom one of the very few conferences dedicated to commercializing opportunities arising from the Circular Economy.

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